Give parents the ability to print directory search results to Excel file

Currently, parents only have the option to print directory search results to PDF, but there are so many more instances where a parent needs information from the directories in a spreadsheet format. Say you have a parent who is tasked with coordinating something for their child’s grade or class. Currently, their only option is to either look up every child individually and copy paste each parent’s email address from the directory or to copy paste it from a pdf of the directory. So tedious! Since we are already providing this information to parents, why not let them download it in a format they can more easily use? Plus, giving parents the ability to download an Excel file (.xls or .csv) would save countless hours of work each year for the staff members who are tasked with creating these lists for the parents who don’t want to sit there and copy paste 60+ email addresses.

  • Katherine Monk
  • Aug 12 2023
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