Ability to add a checklist snapshot in an official note email

It'd be great if when we send an official note to families in the process of applying it could include a snapshot of their checklist items and their status directly in the email. Most parents receive the emails on their phone, and having the status right in front of them will prompt more action then simply asking them to log in and review the items.

I've had multiple families think they're done (not log in to check) when they are missing items. If the checklist item isn't marked off in the email it's much more likely to get a response.

We used a competitor that had this ability, and it was one of our favorite features.  It was structured just like merging the first name or last name, so you just merged {{checklist status}}

  • Jake Marmul
  • Jun 19 2018
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    13 Jul, 2023 09:31pm

    There is a merge field that you can including in an official note template that will list all outstanding checklist items for that candidate. The field is called Candidate Outstanding Items. Closing this idea since that's available now!