OfficialNotes- Need a notification via email when parent replies

The Official Notes in Enrollment Management, needs a notification via email (in addition to the new note  unread color, to the Admissions person that originally sent the Official Note.

  • josceline reardon
  • Jan 27 2020
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  • Admin
    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    15 Feb 04:33pm

    Hi all,

    We added a new sort option in the Official Notes inbox that will show the official note based on the latest reply date instead of defaulting it to show based on the original sent date. This sort option should help bring replies to the top of your list so that they're more visible.

    As a note, the reply date will still be in chronological order with the sent date for notes that don't have replies, meaning replies could still be a little ways down if you've recently sent a bunch of new notes, so try using the new sort option in combination with the Parent>Unread filter to narrow down what shows.

    While we still don't have email notifications for replies for admin users, I did want to share this update in case it helps alleviate some of the issues that are leading you to wanting that email notification!

    Kelsey Huijgen, Product Manager

  • Ruth Loy commented
    8 Sep, 2023 05:42pm

    I just spent loads of time scrolling through 1.5 years worth of official notes trying to chase after a lone response from a parent. They responded to an old note we sent obviously over 1.5 years ago. I cannot locate it still. The "unread" filter, did NOT filter this response out for us. It's inconsistent. Having an email sent to us would help a TON to resolve this problem. If we cannot locate it in Official Notes, then please remove parents' option to respond to our sent Official Notes in the system. It is a huge design flaw and time suck. Please fix!

  • Adele Uyehara commented
    14 Jul, 2023 06:54pm

    We have over 1,500 applicants each season and this idea would be very helpful in managing our responses to parents.