Enable report filtering *by Registration Option* in Event Management

Candidates answer questions in the event registration form. We would like to provide this to teachers, so they "know their audience."

However, we cannot use this information because there's no ability to filter by Registration Option. [the only option for us is to provide ALL info about registrants for ALL workshops, and the teachers has no idea which ones are in their workshop]

The underlying problem is that "Registration Option" is not a column option on the Form Submissions screen.

This seems like a simple oversight, since Form Submissions is a report of answers to form questions. "Workshop Selection" is one of the form questions.

Please help us make use of these form questions by adding this critical data to the report screen!

[note that help-staff have repeatedly referred me to the "Attendee Options" which outline which candidates are attending which workshops, but we are unable to get form answers from this view. We need a similarly robust filtering capability on the "Form Submissions" screen.]

  • Tamara Photiadis
  • Mar 20 2024
  • Planned
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