Allow admissions managers to edit application information when "processing"

When submitting an application, parents rarely enter their information in the format that we would like so that our database remains consistent. For example, some parents put dashes in phone numbers, some put periods, and some put nothing. Some international parents put +011 and the country code in their phone numbers and some don't. It would be nice if when we are "processing application" if we could edit that information into the format that we would like it in as it comes in to the database... Or if we could add a "Miss" or "Mr." title into the student information so that they all have titles. This being said, it would be EVEN BETTER if we could set up "rules" for these types of things and the data was already automatically "cleaned" to our specifications before we can process the application.

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  • Nov 11 2015
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    Kelsey Huijgen commented
    31 Mar, 2023 09:01pm

    We recently released the ability to edit basic demographic data when processing forms in EMS. Editable fields include name fields, email, phone and DOB. Look for the "Edit users" button when processing forms to access the edit function!