Teachers will receive notification that a student submitted a late assignment for grading.

Students submit late assignments (absence/late) and the teacher must manually look through all grade books for missing assignments or rely on the student to communicate with the teacher that they submitted their late assignment for grading. Teachers are asking for a notification feature so they can grade late assignments in a timely manner and not have to scan grade books frequently.

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  • Dec 9 2020
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  • Lori MacConnell commented
    1 Dec, 2021 07:53pm

    This is a fantastic feature, though I wish it "respected" academic terms. For example, I had a long term sub added to five classes for only trimester 1. Even in trimester 2, she still received these notifications for the trimester 1 classes. Support confirmed that I had to completely remove her from any instances of the class in order for her to stop receiving notifications. I wish I had been able to keep her showing as a teacher for the T1 classes to preserve historical data, but I had to remove her so that she wasn't flooded with notifications for students she no longer teaches. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Ben Taylor commented
    12 Oct, 2021 05:51pm

    Hey there, this is just super awesome, but it doesn't seem to work for discussions? Wondering if it would eventually work for those and I haven't tested if they work for assessments. I have some teachers who want to see it work for these.

  • Ben Leddy commented
    11 Aug, 2021 12:45pm

    I think that's a question for within your school community -- regardless of title, it would just be whoever controls the notifications that are available to teachers.

  • Oona McKnight commented
    10 Aug, 2021 06:52pm

    Thanks... dumb question: How do I find out who is my Academic Manager?

  • Ben Leddy commented
    10 Aug, 2021 06:45pm

    Hi Oona! Check in with your Academic manager -- the notification needs to be enabled for a school first.

  • Oona McKnight commented
    10 Aug, 2021 06:43pm

    Hi Ben,

    I am not seeing where this can happen: "Teachers can choose whether or not they want these notifications from their Settings page, alongside other notifications."

    When I go to Settings > Notifications, there is nothing about Late/Missing Assignments.

  • Ben Leddy commented
    8 Jun, 2021 12:58pm

    On the question of additional notifications (e.g. notification when something is turned to Complete), it's definitely best to either add as a new idea or search to see if it's already been added so that we can track those votes independently. Regarding submission notifications for third-party tools, it's possible with LTI 1.3 to exchange information with tools about an assignment's submission status, so we'll be sure to explore that once the upgrade is in place.

  • anson kendall commented
    7 Jun, 2021 07:36pm

    Hi Ben, we tested this with some of the LTIs like Google Assignment, but it is not working with work submitted through them. Currently students who opt into Blackbaud notifications can get emails through the LTIs, but not teachers. Is this going to be included in the planned LTI update?

  • Guest commented
    3 Jun, 2021 02:20pm

    While we can receive an email for assignments that have been submitted through the portal, is there a way to also receive notification for when a student changes the "status" from "late/missing/to do" to "Complete"? Our teachers use a few other platforms to have students submit assignments (mostly for plagiarism), and our students will change the status in Blackbaud from "to do" to "completed". Teachers are curious if this notification can also be used for when a student changes that status of assignment, regardless to where the assignment is submitted.

  • Ben Leddy commented
    3 Jun, 2021 10:24am

    Hi Nancy! Teachers can choose whether or not they want these notifications from their Settings page, alongside other notifications.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    2 Jun, 2021 07:54pm

    Hi Ben, Once this is turned on for the Faculty Role, do teachers get to choose whether or not they want these notifications? If so, where?

  • Ben Leddy commented
    2 Jun, 2021 04:37pm

    Hi all! I'm very happy to share that this idea has been implemented as the "Late/Missing Online Assignment Submitted" notification. This applies to in-system submissions in assignments. Thanks for the comments and votes!

    One note: we deployed some minor updates to the notification that updated the template for everyone, so if you had already selected Roles with Access, please be sure to go back to reassign those roles if needed.

  • anson kendall commented
    26 May, 2021 02:59pm

    Our teachers will be very excited for this feature! In the teacher notification, can there also be an option to change the assignment from Missing to submitted? This would clear up a lot of confusion between advisors, teachers, and students.

    @Jen Brakeman! I wondered if that was you! Thanks for helping to push this feature through. Say hi to the girls for me.

  • Dave Sartory commented
    21 Mar, 2021 05:51pm

    Hey Ben - While there are many variants and ways to display this data, to me the underlying major missing piece is any notification whatsoever of students turning in work. Almost all other features described here would be icing above and beyond that one key piece. I get notifications when I assign something myself?! but not when my students turn something in. Combined with the strange "Missing" button that has no relationship to anything and we basically have to skim gradebooks repeatedly looking for information. Please, start with optional notification of student work being turned in and expand from there. And, as mentioned by others, any notification or alert should contain a link to the thing it's addressing. Thanks!

  • Ben Leddy commented
    21 Mar, 2021 05:14pm

    Hi folks! We're exploring the specifics for this and would love your input. Jen, I saw you specifically were up to connect -- that would be fabulous.

    If you're able to connect, please shoot me a message at ben.leddy@blackbaud.me with your availability. Thanks!

  • Jen Brakeman commented
    17 Mar, 2021 09:04pm

    Yay! This is planned! If the notification is via email, then please include a link to the assignment in question. However, I'd really prefer simply a column on the Assignments tab for "# Ungraded", perhaps in red when it's more than 0. That way if we grade all on-time students' assignments, and then the late student submits their assignment, we will easily see it because the number would go from 0 ungraded to 1 ungraded.

    I also agree with Anson Kendall (Hi Anson!) that if a student re-submits an assignment after it's been graded, then the "# Ungraded" should go back up by one, or something like that.

    Thank you for working on this! I'll be happy to beta-test options if you want. :-)

  • Heath Montgomery commented
    16 Mar, 2021 12:56am

    When we receive the alert, please include a hyperlink to the assignment in question.

  • Heath Montgomery commented
    16 Mar, 2021 12:56am

    When we receive the alert, please include a hyperlink to the assignment in question.

  • anson kendall commented
    15 Mar, 2021 08:38pm

    Please add Google Assignment LTI to the list of features that would trigger a notification for missing work being submitted.

    I'd also add a teacher notification for when a student resubmits work on an old assignment.

    There should also be a notification if a student submits their work at all. Teachers shouldn't have to continuously open an assignment to see if the first student submitted something.

    The notification could be similar to what the students get in the Assignment Center for a missing assignment. Teachers should also be able to opt into an email similar to how students can receive emails for graded or newly assigned assignments.

  • Guest commented
    15 Mar, 2021 05:55pm

    Yes, Yes, Yes! And, I second Jen Brakeman's requests!

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