Please Add the ability to Print Blank Assessments. This is a DISABILITIES RIGHTS ISSUE!!!

Please provide an easy way to print a blank paper copy of an assessment (i.e. all questions and answer options but no answers selected yet) that a teacher created online for the majority of students to take online. Some students have IEP (individual Education Plans) and 504s that require the school to provide them things such as extra time on tests, to use a regular or enlarged print paper copy of a test, or to have a test read to them. The test reader has an easier job if they can do this from a printed copy rather than on a computer. THIS IS A DISABILITIES RIGHTS ISSUE, not just an ease of use issue!!!!!! People with disabilities deserve to have the same clean and easy to read assessments that the students who take the assessment on the computer do!!! There should be a print button that lets you print it neatly. There should also be an option to save it as a PDF file, Word Doc or a Google Doc so that it can be printed from those formats as well. The print out should also print out the beginning instructions plus the Results options should be printed so that the student with the disability will know if they can see the correct answers after exedra. The current method of using the Browsers Print feature of the previewed assessment to print a paper copy has two problems: 1.) The option to have questions appear on screen has to be set to "Listed all together" while the printing of the preview is going on. That means an assessment can not be printed while an assessment is actually being taken if the teacher wants the questions to be displayed "one at a time" for students currently taking it on a computer (since that setting for how questions appears can not be changed while the assessment is being taken). In addition it causes problems if the teacher changes the how questions appear setting to List all together to print a badly formated paper copy but forgets to change the setting back to One at a time before the class starts taking it. 2.) Printing a previewed assessment from the browser menu causes random questions and answers to be cut off, questions and answers to be on separate pages, and generally a very unusable printed paper copy. This is also helpful to have a paper back up copy of an assessment that can be copied and handed out if the internet goes down.Thank you for your help.

  • Ed Hilliard
  • Nov 16 2021
  • Implemented
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  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    10 Aug, 2022 08:48pm

    Hey Folks - Happy to say that this feature is currently under development and will be available once our new assessment launches for all schools! Please look forward to it later on in the school year.

  • Ed Hilliard commented
    17 Nov, 2021 03:27pm

    It would also be great if teachers could print completed assessments that showed completed answers and teacher comments. Thank you for your help.