Allowing for Mandarin Chinese Language within Discussion Boards in Topics

I would like to see the option within a Topics Board for Mandarin Chinese class (For example), a Teacher has a Discussion Post. Here she has her Keyboard setup to type out Mandarin and it appears on the screen when she is typing, however when she hits enter to input the message the App displays..??. Currently, our HTML editor does not support foreign languages. This would be helpful for students and teachers to talk back in forth in this language for the sake of the class and discussion.
  • Christopher Creeger
  • Aug 27 2015
  • Under consideration
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  • Corrine Duncan commented
    6 Apr, 2023 02:53pm

    Hi Ben,

    What about for assignment submission documents? Will this be considered as well or supported? Right now our Chinese Mandarin students have to name their assignment submission document in English to allow it to upload, keep the name of the document, and allow the teacher to retrieve the submission. If the file is submitted with Mandarin characters it changes the name to ????? in the submitted file. If the submitted file is a Word or PDF format it will not open the file for the teacher but gives a corrupt message.

  • Ben Leddy commented
    5 Aug, 2021 07:11pm

    Hi all! Ben from the LMS team here. I just wanted to share a related update coming soon: we will soon support the use of Mandarin and other languages in assignment comments, rubric comments, and mastery skill comments. While we don't yet support this within Topics and Discussions for topics specifically, we do support Mandarin in the Discussion assignment type. If you'd like to discuss these changes further or offer additional feedback, feel free to reach out at Thank you!

  • Sara Edwards commented
    16 Mar, 2018 09:04pm

    I too need to see this feature happen. We want to send out Language Placement tests via School Forms and cannot create them. Aren't we in Century 21? Thank you!

  • Petra Hall commented
    30 Oct, 2017 04:26pm

    Not just Chinese, but Japanese would be useful as well.

  • Jess Moxley commented
    27 Oct, 2017 04:16pm

    I think this post should be merged with "Add chinese Language Support for Bulletin Board & Topics"


    Would love to see fully functioning support for non-roman alphabets!

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug, 2017 04:47pm

    I want to vote on this too. We have Chinese International students and teach Chinese here.

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