Allow parents to see their children's Groups in their Groups dropdown menu

I would like for Student Groups to appear in a drop down under the Parent's Groups. This would make it easier for Parents to access their Student's Groups.

This could include athletic groups as well as community groups.

It would need to be an option that a school could choose by school level. (i.e. Upper School might not use this feature, while it would be very helpful in Lower School).

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  • Sep 2 2015
  • Sep 5, 2018

    Admin response

    Hi All,

    Currently Parents can see and click to all their Child's Groups from the Progress tab (presuming the Group Page Access has been set). 

    Are you thinking this isn't obvious enough to Parents and are they missing it?



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  • Patrick Cauley commented
    5 Sep, 2018 07:57pm

    Thanks for the response Jackie - we've had a few parents comment about this. I think it is all about convenience. Having it all under Progress is good but a lot of parents do carpool and organize those activities. Having a quicker option I think would be very helpful for them - especially when checking from a smartphone.

  • josceline reardon commented
    5 Sep, 2018 07:01pm

    I think a group drop down for parents, like teachers have would be great! I feel the groups like athletic and community are hidden in the other area where you find typical course information.

  • Lyne Labrecque commented
    5 Sep, 2018 06:54pm

    Maybe it was not available when the case was created? It is fine now

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  • Guest commented
    5 Sep, 2018 06:16pm

    I think yes it is not obvious enough.  We have some groups that we would like for parents, students, and faculty at a specific level to be a part of.  For a smart group I pull the students of that level and parents need to find the group under their student progress which is not intuitive for them--they like the one stop of "groups"

  • Patrick Cauley commented
    5 Sep, 2018 04:10pm

    I think this would be a great idea. Leaving it up to parents to rely on notifications alone is not quite enough. Many parents would love just to log onto the school portal and have that information a click/tap away. 

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