Ability to Configure the Attendance Summary Section on the Progress Tab

There are several ideas in the bank with more specific requests, but the essential theme is that schools need the ability to customize the Attendance Summary Block that is visible to parents. More times than not, this resource causes more confusion with our parents than it helps. I would turn the module off if I could, but the trouble is you cannot turn on/off the modules on the progress page individually. You have to choose between granting access to all or turning off access altogether. This one size fits all approach just doesn't work for most schools. Below are 2 key use cases for this request:

  1. A school that wants to turn off the Attendance Summary Module altogether without turning off grade or performance access. Some schools do not want parents to see daily attendance and prefer to report on attendance on the report card only. It would be very helpful to have an administrative toggle that turned this module on and off.

  2. A School wants to define which attendance categories are displayed in the Attendance Summary. This one is very important and would bring the functionality of this module in line with how it acts on the report card. If we can define which attendance categories count towards the official attendance totals on the report card, then why can't we do the same on this module? Many schools track things internally that do not impact the official attendance record (e.x. - early release for athletics, class field trips, etc.), and we would prefer that those entries not be displayed to parents.

  • Rick Geyer
  • Jan 23 2023
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  • Guest commented
    30 May, 2023 01:53pm

    I would like to have parents see the Attendance Summary that I can see from the Work with Attendance Entries. They see the per period attendance totals from the parent portal and then get upset over the total when in reality it is a lot less then that total.

  • Linda Lawrence commented
    24 Jan, 2023 04:23pm

    The needs are evident. Please prioritize attendance summary configuration by school level and type of attendance.

  • Carolyn Stevens commented
    23 Jan, 2023 09:51pm

    If I could add more than one vote for this I would! Especially bullet #2.

    I would also add, as maybe #1A, it would be nice if schools could customize the attendance display to students by their school level (e.g. upper school = visible, middle and lower = suppressed).