Course Request View Access Needed By Division & Parent & Teacher

Now that two of our Divisions are using course requests, we realized there isn't a way to control access so that parents will not see the course requests while administrators and advisors are working on the recommendations.

If we put in future sign-up dates then course requests can't be made and if we disable the parent viewing of course requests in the Parent Role, then that turns off access for all parents and not by division.

  • josceline reardon
  • Apr 22 2024
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  • Lauren Henderson commented
    30 Apr 01:20pm

    Yes please! This is one of several areas where being able to restrict access to a division within a school would be monumentally helpful!

  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    22 Apr 06:10pm

    I am pushing my school to use the built-in scheduler rather than Class A Scheduler, but we definitely need to be able to control access separately for our Middle School and Upper School. The two divisions are on very different time tables as far as course sign ups!