Add subject line to Official Notes in OnRecord (much like in OnBoard)

In OnBoard, Official Notes on a file show a subject line - whether that is "Enrolment Instructions" as shown below, etc - this is very beneficial as it allows our Admissions staff to quickly open the note they are looking for.

However, within OnRecord, the Official Notes on a file just show the type - ie. "Internal Note" as shown in the attachment below. It would be very beneficial for our staff to have the same function of a subject line within Official Notes - as in OnBoard - within the Official Notes function in OnRecord. 

This would also add consistency to a function across the On products.

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  • Mar 4 2016
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  • Laura Mitchell commented
    6 Jul, 2018 12:27pm

    In medical forms, we would love to see the functionality of an attachment file option for families. Forms that would likely need uploaded would be documents signed by a physician.