Compliance with new concussion laws and general athletic eligibility requirements

Currently there is no good way to deal with the requirements of the concussion laws passed in the past couple of years.  I'd like to suggest a work flow with some accountability checks that will accomplish several short comings.  Our school is in Massachusetts and we have a law requiring us to collect a pre-participation concussion/head injury reporting form for each student, each season (3 forms per student per year).  The spirit of the law is to inform the coach of any students that have recently suffered a concussion.  It is the responsibility of the Athletic Director to manage the coaches and ensure that they are reviewing the forms.  It's the responsibility of the school to collect these forms and keep them as part of the students record for three years and be able to produce them upon demand in the case of an incident.  To accomplish all of this with in the system I'd like to propose the following:

Improve the functionality of the Athletic Clearance section of the Nurse's Office

  1. Currently, if you set an Athletic clearance requirement to be "Every Year" it does not properly measure 1 year from the date entered.  This makes the feature utterly useless when dealing with Physical Exams that are by law good for 13 months.  This is a critical issue to address and may be addressed by performing a basic date calculation.  Simply serialize the dates (e.g. pick a starting date and count the number of days) then perform a subtraction, when the difference between current date and entered date equals 365 the requirement is no longer met.
  2. A nice add-on to this would be changing the color of the students name as he appears on the active athletic team roster alerting the coach that the student's clearance is about to expire, note some of the suggestions below to help indicate why.


Improvements to the roster view of a Team/Activity:

  1. Add the option to set an Activity as requiring "Athletic Clearance"
  2. In the "not cleared" section of the roster view add "Grad Year" to help ID students (we sometimes have two students with the same first and last names
  3. To the Athletic clearance section in the "Nurses Office" add a short code(customized by platform manager) to identify each component of the athletic clearance.  "PHY" for Annual Physical for example.
  4. Code defined in previous section should appear in the "not cleared" section of the roster view next to the name of each student that is "not cleared" so that a coach will know at a glance what component a student is missing.  This allows the coach to convey that information directly to the student or parent.


Form update:

  1. Add a form for concussions where the information will populate in the student medical record, for your reference here is a link to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health form (  I'd like this to be a "school form" where it can be marked as student centric and allow the coach/activity leader to view the form only when the named student is on the roster of a team/activity where they are designated a coach/activity leader.
  2. Add the ability for a coach/activity leader to mark the form as reviewed.
  3. Provide an additional report where the Athletic director or Principal can verify that coaches and activity leaders have been reviewing the concussion forms.


I know this is a lot to take in and it does encompass several other ideas (linked below)

  • Gregg
  • Jan 20 2017
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  • Priscilla Lopez commented
    2 Nov, 2019 06:50am

    Add an Icon for the student that is on a concussion protocol like the Medical and LP icon. 

  • John Rorke commented
    11 Dec, 2017 06:31pm

    Completely agree!  Similar requirements here in GA also.

  • Julie Farr commented
    18 Apr, 2017 05:41pm

    This is awesome!  Note that on the Concussion form (at least in CA), the student signature is also required so we can not use the current BB school forms as there is no place to add that. We want to include the receipt of this form in the Athletic Clearance section

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2017 11:41pm

    YES!  This would be fantastic.  Don't forget for Massachusetts we also have mandatory Head Injury Education for all parents, students, and staff to keep track of.  Not to mention our own department forms. If started making my own forms in the form section, so that helps, but if it were tied to the roster and listed as not cleared till all forms were in it would be very helpful.