Invoice Descriptions/Transaction Dates

In our current billing system, we are able to have specific transaction dates, and specific item descriptions that differ from one another.  This is highly desirable for the parents, as they know exactly what is being billed for their student.

Example: for our Music Lessons, I'm able to put the description "TeacherA - InstrumentA - Feb 2, 5, 19" for one student, while putting "TeacherB - InstrumentB - Feb 9, 16, 28" for another student.  This very important, as I'm able to share as much information as possible within the invoice, and reduce the number of phone calls received from parents inquiring about what they're being charged for.

Will this be changing any time in Smart?  Will the itemized invoicing become more descriptive?
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  • Mar 12 2018
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  • Jennifer Judd commented
    28 Oct, 2022 02:32pm

    This would be extremely beneficial and reduce the number of calls/workload on our staff!