Increase the line detail for School Fees on invoice to 40 rather than 15 or as many lines that will allow on 3rd page of invoice.

We are a lifelong school and residential home for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Each month we have a lot of incidental billing that exceeds the 15 max line of detail on the printed invoice. We have a lot of families that need this documentation for trusts etc as well as families who only want a printed invoice and will not use the portal. It is confusing as it drops with "Other fees" and only lists the next descending $ amount for the billing item, but potentially there are other items to follow. There is room on the third page to print more detail as 1/2 the page is available. Our hope is that the limit of 15 items displayed could be increase to fill the page. However if that could not be implemented quickly, another solution to reduce confusion for our families would be that the "Other fees" would be a summation of what isn't displayed, not just the next descending item. The School Fees item detail does not sum to the the Total at the bottom of the third page or the summary on the first page of the printed invoice as it currently stands with the limit of 15 lines of detail.

  • Lee Ann Mullis
  • Jul 7 2022
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