Excel Reports in Tuition Management are using outdated software

Please update your server Excel versions so that downloaded reports are up to date and easy to work with.

Many of the downloadable Excel reports in Tuition Management use an outdated version of Excel (e.g. Excel '97) with an .xls extension instead of .xlsx. The columns are often not aligned, and many cells are merged - especially in the header rows. When I convert the files locally to the newest Excel version, I also have to manually unmerge the cells and re-align the columns in order to manipulate and sort records correctly.

  • Roberta A. Gilbert
  • May 14 2024
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  • Roberta A. Gilbert commented
    14 May 12:16am

    By the way, I originally posted this idea in the API area, thinking this was probably a back-end server issue, and not just confined to Tuition Management. So I am replicating it here, since nobody - including myself - could find it in the other location. --RAG