Change screen color to make non-present billing years obvious

From within Tuition Management, the upper-right menu allows the user to toggle among past, present, and future billing years. It would be very helpful if the background screen or banner could change to a very obvious color whenever the billing year is changed to one that is not the current billing year. Unintentionally doing work in a past or future billing year thinking that you are in the current billing year can be very problematic. This is particularly a problem when you search for a past family that is no longer attending the school during the current billing year. The system automatically switches the billing year selector to a past year unknowingly to the user. Once work is done with the record, the user may go on to other work not realizing that the billing year has been switched to a previous one. Adding a different color background or banner would make this obvious to the user.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow
  • Sep 23 2023
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