Create a way that we can give a term a nickname for Transcript purposes that would show up instead of the year.

For transfer courses our current students have and those archived, we do not have term/session years for those transfer courses, but instead have them all at the top of the transcript together as "Transfer Courses" with no year needed. They are grouped as "Transfer Courses" and then by school name under that. If we had a way to nickname the 1900 year as "Transfer Courses" then we could easily set all transfer courses that currently have a "000" term year to year "1900" in Blackbaud and then it would show up as the nickname "Transfer Courses" on the transcript and be correct. As it stands now, Blackbaud does not offer a way for us to show the transfer courses without a specific year, which would both create more work for us going forward and would not transfer our prior 10 years of data correctly. The work around right now would be to set it for a 1900 year since we have no records that old, but then the transcript reads as if the students took classes in 1900. Therefore, we are technically making an official document incorrect. Since our transcripts are scrutinized by employers, graduate schools, and governments, we are needing a solution that would allow our transcripts to be accurate and complete. We believe this nickname capability could be that solution.

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  • May 8 2024
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