Ability to enable or disable bulk messaging per individual group

We would like to have the option of enabling or disabling Bulk Messaging per individual group, for example Community Group.

We have a community group with a large number of members and do not want to give members the freedom to bulk message each other. At the same time, we do not want to disable the bulk messaging for all groups and all users.

  • Andrea Carta
  • Mar 7 2016
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  • Jimmy Cudzilo commented
    21 Feb, 2023 08:24pm

    Any chance this is being looked at? This idea has 46 votes and has been around for almost 6 year.

  • Marie Becknell commented
    13 May, 2022 07:17pm

    I agree with the users who commented below. Being able to send a bulk message to all students in a class would be SO nice. But also, on the flip side, it will be wise to disable "reply all" for the student accounts.

  • Guest commented
    4 May, 2022 05:51pm

    Another feature that would be amazing would be the ability to message students that are missing a particular assignment or got below a certain score on an assignment/quiz/test.

  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2022 06:24pm

    Please make it so that faculty/staff can bulk message students but disable the feature for parents.

  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2022 05:30pm

    Would love the feature to message a whole class but do not want to give access to parents.

  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2022 05:19pm

    Please make it so that faculty/staff can bulk message students but disable the feature for parents. Yesterday we needed to get a message to all the students of a teacher who was absent and it was great! On the other-hand I could see how it it is abused by parents advertising/sending messages potentially to the whole school students would begin to disregard the messaging feature.

  • Julian Daniel commented
    30 Sep, 2019 05:30pm

    We have parents abusing the bulk messaging feature to spam others with business opportunities and pet projects. We still need staff and grade reps to send to the groups they own, and email communication isn't an option (why it's still offered is beyond me, since most email servers won't send or accept bulk messages anymore).

  • Guest commented
    23 Sep, 2017 12:03am

    Agreed. We have a real need for the bulk message system for outgoing communication. However, the reply all response set-up is a serious concern regarding confidentiality.