Export lists to Google Drive

I do lots of custom formulas and scripts with Google Sheets. I would love for my exports just to go directly to Google Drive. If I could schedule them, that would be even better, because then I could run automatic options to update Google Groups based on the output of a list.

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  • Sep 22 2015
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  • Bill Campbell commented
    25 Jul, 2016 01:58pm

    For a model of simple support of exporting lists to Google Drive, take a look at Survey Monkey.  One of the export options is Google Drive. Click a button and after authenticating with Google credentials, there's a Google Sheet with the data.

    While scheduling sounds like an interesting feature, my vote is to first focus on the basic functionality described in the title - exporting to Drive.  

  • Daniel Millbank commented
    19 Jul, 2016 05:26am

    The scheduling of lists is something that existed with the Queue module and that I miss with the onProducts. I hope this is on the drawing board.