Application Form should return candidate to specific part of screen when adding another school/sibling/etc.

As it currently works, when a parent of a candidate adds another school, sibling, etc. to an application form, they are brought all the way back to the top of the form and they have to scroll back down to where they are on the application.  This isn't very user friendly.  When adding/inserting additional information, the add feature should place the user where the new row has been inserted on their application. 

  • Kimo Zachariah
  • Aug 21 2019
  • Implemented
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  • Patty Molinari commented
    15 Oct, 2019 08:39pm

    I have been working with this program for a few years now and even I was confused when I did a test application.  This needs to be changed - we are losing a lot of our 2nd sets of grandparents which is not acceptable.