Impersonate should be its own role - not copied from Platform Manager

We don't want Impersonate to be an edited cloned Platform Manager Role. You guys need to ceate better roles.

  • Lee Munro
  • Oct 12 2020
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  • Art Bryman commented
    20 Sep, 2023 06:57pm

    This idea should be added to While there's an "Impersonate" role now, it's a cloned Platform Manager role. Anyone who's not a Platform Manager, cannot impersonate anyone else who has a cloned Platform Manager role. If you have two staff members with "Impersonate" role, they cannot impersonate each other.

  • Liz K commented
    1 Jun, 2023 07:33pm

    When you clone the Platform Manager role and only check Impersonate under Tasks, it still gives the user other access you do not want them to have. We need a better solution.

  • Erik Weiss commented
    22 Jun, 2021 08:47pm

    It doesn't just stop at Impersonate.

    I should be able to create any role I want and have access to the entire task list, I shouldn't have to clone the Platform Manager role to get that functionality.

    Cloned PM roles cannot be impersonated by non PMs.... This creates a need to have a bunch of people that need to impersonate others have the PM role, which just gives way too much power to certain people.