Need FERPA waiver question and appropriate letter of recommendation requests

In higher education, there is a federal law called FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) that allows applicants the option to choose if they want to "waive" or "not waive" their right to see their letter of recommendation if they enroll at that same school. Applications are required by law to give applicants the option to send out letter of recommendation requests that say they are waiving or not waiving this right.

At the moment, on Blackbaud, there is no functionality to support this required question and subsequent LOR forms. For our school, applicants need 3 LORs therefore we have 1 question asking if they understand "yes/no" their FERPA rights to confidential letters and then we have 6 LOR request forms (students are supposed to choose which combination of forms for a total of 3 they want). This confuses applicants and makes our application long and clumsy.

We would like to see Blackbaud build functionality to have LOR requests that can have the waive/not waive question and then subsequently that LOR request would go out (wording is slightly different to let recommender know that their letter may be read at a later date by the applicant or is entirely confidential).

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  • Aug 24 2022
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