Edit a topic from within the topic

As far as I can see, I can only actually start editing a topic from outside of the topic (by clicking on the edit button back at my course page). This can lead to a really tedious cycle of adding content, exiting the edit mode to preview the topic, but then having to re-enter the topic to view my progress. If I want to keep editing, I have to exit the topic again to return to editing mode. I feel like I am clicking through twice the number of menus that I should need to to accomplish a fairly simple task.

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  • Jun 23 2016
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  • Megan Day commented
    2 Dec, 2020 07:11pm

    Completely agree. There needs to be an edit button when I'm looking at a specific topic page. I shouldn't have to go back to the list of topics to edit. As another person mentioned, this should be the same for assignments. There should be an edit option on the assignment detail page itself. It super annoying to notice a type, have to leave the assignment (or topic) to go back to the assignment center (or page with all the topics) to edit.

  • Caroline Valites commented
    2 Dec, 2020 06:27pm

    I don't always enter a topic page through edit mode. Let's say I am in a topic page but not in edit mode and I want to make a quick change, I would need to go back to the topic page and click the edit button. Even more frustrating, let's say I'm in a future topic page (not in edit mode), I would need to go back to the topic pages, click future and then click edit topic.

    If there could be an edit button while in the topic page, a quick fix would take 1 click as apposed to 2 or 3.

    The same goes for assignments.

    Wordpress does this, if you are logged into Wordpress you can edit the page from preview or the website.

  • Nick Marchese commented
    2 Dec, 2020 06:19pm

    @angela I think the preview button inside is fine, but to get to the Edit mode at all, you need to be on the Topics page (with the title images of all your topics), instead of viewing the inside of the topic and having an Edit button there.

  • Angela Addison commented
    2 Dec, 2020 05:40pm

    why are you exiting edit mode to preview it? Why not just use the preview function in edit and then when you hit back on that you're still in edit mode?

  • Caroline Valites commented
    2 Dec, 2020 02:43pm

    Also add an edit button to assignments within assignments