add a placeholder item for the Grade Book

We would like to be able to add an M for missing assignment that equates to a zero, an x and indicated pending assignment. and NG for a non-graded assignment.

  • Leigh Copeland
  • Aug 29 2016
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  • Chad Anderson commented
    13 Nov, 2019 05:19pm

    Really, adding these features shouldn't be difficult and I think it would help teachers and students alike. Spread the word and let's get some more votes!

  • Chad Anderson commented
    13 Nov, 2019 05:15pm

    This would be great!

  • Lisa Hellinger commented
    13 Sep, 2016 08:19pm

    This would be so helpful.  My eye keeps picking up on the blank boxes and I need to remember that I exempted a student from an assignment.  At a glance it looks like it is late.