Do not tag tardy students as absent when an assignment is given or when due.

When teachers, parents and students see the absent icon next to an assignment, they expect an allowance to be made in regard to the due date - either because they did not have timely notice about the assignment, or they were not present on the due day.  Neither excuse applies when a students is merely tardy.  Changing the code for tardy from an A to a T will make the circumstances clear, eliminating confusion for the teacher, excuse making for the student and acrimony for the parents.

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  • Aug 23 2018
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  • Jan 14, 2019

    Admin response

    Hi Everyone!

    Good news on this front. We are updating the Gradebook logic to display a T for Tardy icon to better discern from an Absence. It's slatted for the February 6th release (barring any issues uncovered during testing.)

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Jackie Christensen

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  • Guest commented
    1 May, 2023 02:13pm

    Teachers want the ability to decide what to flag. Gone are the days when teachers give out assignments at start of class for us, so showing tardy when assigned on an assignment put in for 2 weeks from now just is lacking common sense.

  • Margie Llinas commented
    3 Oct, 2019 01:02am

    Hi Jackie,

    While this has been updated for teachers in the gradebook, tardies are  still displaying for students/parents in their gradebook with the notes "Absent when due" or "Absent when assigned." They find this as misleading as teachers did. Is there a planned update for the parent/student views of assignment/gradebook?



  • Rick Geyer commented
    27 May, 2019 03:01pm


    While I am glad there is now a distinction between tardy and absence, I still don't view this as solved. You still need to give schools the ability to define which attendance codes trigger the A and T. There are attendance entries that are set up as tardies but do not actually count as tardies. Those should not trigger the T. I would still like to see this as something that is configurable for each school.

  • Tammy Applegate commented
    30 Oct, 2018 07:27pm

    I agree! The tardy is super confusing. Also when you put the time in for tardy it does not mean the student was absent for the entire class. Just late to class. 

  • Guest commented
    25 Sep, 2018 02:49pm

    Strange, to think that the gradebook is hard coded for absentees and not tardy.  And the only workaround is a comment to indicate that the student was tardy so the parents and student will know.  This needs to be changed to reflect the actual reason.  

  • Chris Felinski commented
    22 Sep, 2018 01:25am

    Yes!  This does throw off the teachers and parents.  Tardy is definitely not an absent.

  • Rick Geyer commented
    6 Sep, 2018 09:16pm

    Here are two other ideas very similar to this one that should be merged into one:

    At the heart of the issue here, is that schools need choice as to how this feature works. As others have stated, displaying an "A" when the student was simply tardy to class is very misleading. I really like the idea of the feature, but until it is reconfigured it should be turned off.

    Here is what I would like to see happen to make this feature awesome:

    1. Schools should have the choice of whether to use this feature or not (toggle on and off in settings)

    2. All attendance entries considered tardies should be EXCLUDED from displaying the "A." I don't know a school that gives extra time for an assignment just because a student was tardy.

    3. Each absence type should have a toggle of whether this attendance particular type should utilize the "A" flag or not.

    I would greatly appreciate this feature being addressed soon as it is causing a great amount of confusion and additional conversations with students and parents that could be avoided if it were more clear.

  • Anne Parker commented
    30 Aug, 2018 12:52pm

    I agree with this!! I just voted for a similar issue posted by Nicole Farley!! Lets pull together!

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2018 01:08pm

    Great idea.  I already had that problem this morning with a student who came in just a few minutes late.   

  • Renee Gerrell commented
    29 Aug, 2018 12:18pm

    I agree wholeheartedly.  As it stands now, I have to enter a note stating that the student was tardy not absent and hope that the parent reads it.

  • Rhonda Crook commented
    29 Aug, 2018 12:17pm

    Good; suggestion.

  • Abbie Adams commented
    29 Aug, 2018 12:15pm

    Great suggestion Billy! This would be a highly beneficial change to the current system.

  • Guest commented
    29 Aug, 2018 12:13pm

    Awesome.  Flabbergasted.  Haven't seen that word posted on forums in a while.

  • Kathryn Nguyen commented
    25 Aug, 2018 02:43am

    I agree!

  • Dale Myers commented
    24 Aug, 2018 08:23pm

    I am flabbergasted to find that this would not already be a feature.

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