Edit window on Class Pages

The edit window size is entirely too small. When you open the second toolbar, you have very little of your text visible to easily work with. The edit window should be resizable and it should pop back to where you set it.

  • Erin Hall
  • Sep 3 2021
  • Under consideration
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  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    14 Nov, 2022 01:48pm

    Hey Folks -

    Thanks for your feedback on this! Creating a more consistent and usable UX experience is something that we always try to keep top of mind while designing new screens to implement in the system.

    Thank you, Brian, for putting this list of potential enhancements in the comments. This kind of feedback is incredibly helpful and I appreciate you putting in the time to write this up. We'll be discussing this internally to see what fields we can/cannot adjust. While I can't promise we'll be able to bring all of these updates to fruition in one swoop, I can say that we'll investigate and we'll see what can be done.

    We know that a usable, consistent system is something that you all need in order to effectively do your jobs and that is something we'll continue to deliver on as we make further iterations to the LMS!

    If anyone would like to discuss the LMS as a whole or anything inconsistent fields, feel free to reach out to me at michael.morrissette@blackbaud.com

  • Brian Gray commented
    7 Nov, 2022 03:02pm

    This issue is one of several in a lengthy discussion in the Community. One of the responses was from Jacqueline Koca, who suggested that we post a list of edit dialogs that need work.

    Resizing text boxes could be done by:

    • adding an expansion handle in the lower right corner (as in the Conduct > Add infraction dialog)

    • adding an embiggen button in the menu bar (similar to the Source Code button in the menu bar of the Bulletin Board text block editor)

    • making the entire edit dialog responsive so that it is allowed to fill the available screen space

    Faculty Persona

    • Course pages

      • Bulletin Board

        • Way too small

          • Text widget

          • Expectations

          • Syllabus

          • Audio Album description

          • Download description

          • Grading Rubric description

        • Reasonable size and responsive, but should be expandable

          • Announcements

          • Events (Details & Description)

          • News (Brief and Long Description)

      • Topic

        • Way too small

          • Audio Album description

          • Download description

          • Links Description

          • Text

    • Reasonable size and responsive, but should be expandable

      • Cover brief description

      • Video

    • Assignment

      • Title - Way too big - some teachers try to put the entire assignment details here. This should be small to allow for just a few words. The 255 character limit is just over 1 line of text.

      • Description - Way too small - should be expandable

    • Grading

      • Comment (add to all and individual) - way too small. Should be expandable.

    • Gradebook

      • Assignment comment for each student is responsive and reasonably sized.

      • It doesn’t allow for full screen use - should be expandable

    • Schedule & Performance

      • Conduct - Add Infraction

        • reasonable size but It doesn’t allow for full screen use - should be expandable

        • can’t do text formatting (bold, italics, bullet list, etc)

    Academics Persona

    • Scheduling > Requests and Schedules

      • Departments and courses

        • Department description - way too small

        • Course description - way too small

      • Course requests

        • Policy - should be expandable