Create navigable pathways through topics (i.e. modules of topics)

In addition to be ing able to group topics into folders, it would be great to be able to organize topics into pathways, meaning that...

  • There is a sequence order to the topics (Topic A comes before Topic B, which comes before Topics C)

  • Each topic in a pathway has links to the previous and next topic in the pathway

  • Each topic has a breadcrumb trail that identifies the pathway by name and gives links to the other topics in the pathway

  • Rename the "Back" button to be more clearly labled as "Topics Page" to avoid confusion.

A really bonus version of this feature would be to define multiple pathways and let topics be included in more than one pathway, and to display the links/breadcrumb trail for the pathway that is currently being navigated (out of all the pathways of which the topic is a member).

Why does this occur to me? Because I'm building an asynchronous training class for new faculty, and I want to be able to guide them through a series of training topics in order, and I'm going to have to build the navigation links out by hand.

  • Seth Battis
  • Jun 24 2022
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