Add option to send notification to School Forms recipients who have not submitted form

Please add the option to send a reminder notification to only those school form recipients who have not submitted their form as opposed to all school form recipients.

  • Eleanor Page
  • Feb 3 2016
  • Already exists
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  • Curt Bland commented
    20 Feb, 2020 05:18pm

    The forms notification system is primitive. We have thirteen forms, which means we have to set the notification settings thirteen times. Only one reminder is allowed, so if we want to remind parents who have not complete a form a month before, two weeks before, a week before, on the due date, we have to manually change the notification settings on each form manually. In addition, there needs to be a single notification area that some forms have not been filled out so that parents do not get an email notification for each form. Getting multiple messages really irritates parents. 

  • Joshua Blice commented
    1 Oct, 2017 11:07pm

    In addition to this, it would be helpful to pick an exact date when you want the notification to go out on rather than 1 day before, 2 days before, etc. This would really help with this who have not submitted their responses before the deadline has passed.

  • Justin Medved commented
    22 Jun, 2017 05:28pm

    This would be really helpful.

  • Guest commented
    4 Oct, 2016 05:42pm

    This has caused us a lot of difficulty as we have moved to online forms for our JK-12 parents. It is unclear that a) by closing the window you have 'sent' a notification. It would be much clearer to make sending a notification a separate and deliberate action (and to all recipients who have not yet responded, vs. a single new recipient, but certainly not to every person to whom the form was sent).

    If you have submitted the form, you should not receive any communication other than your confirmation message. Period. It makes busy parents very angry – especially when they may be asked to submit 5 forms in August each year – to get 'dinged' inadvertently and when nothing is due.

    I am now completely unclear on how I can prevent multiple notifications from occurring through School Forms. We do have at least a few new students each month, and need to add those individuals in. 

    How can I get 100% accuracy on sending form to parents? This feature has caused ill-will this year since moving to online forms.

  • S. Norcini commented
    14 Jun, 2016 03:11am

    I do think that the reminder notifications are being sent to only those who have not submitted the school forms; at least it is working well for me now that I know to mark the "send when activated" reminder notification as inactive right after using it. Be aware that any change to the form notification, or adding a student, will send reminder notifications when the "send when activated" is marked active.  Therefore, this enhancement idea can be confusing...

  • S. Norcini commented
    13 Jun, 2016 03:41pm

    Good news and a heads up!
    I think the reminder notifications “send when activated” actually do work well as reminders for all those parents who have not yet submitted them, as long as you mark the reminder notifications inactive right afterwards.  I am embracing it again as a favorite feature of school forms.

    I looked at the notification history for the emails sent onMessage > communication > notification > selected school forms for just 6/12/16, clicked on the 6066 to view the actual notifications sent, and actually noticed that parents had received additional notifications earlier that same day when I had to add a student to the school forms, thus inflating the number of notifications sent when I actually sent them to just the 50% who had not submitted the forms.

    Therefore, I believe there is a different issue: when one adds students / parents to the forms, the reminder notification seems to be sent if “send when activated” is turned on or set to active. Be mindful of this.  Now, I believe still only those who have not yet submitted the forms receive the reminder notifications, not all parents. I have reported all my findings to tech support.

    I believe this enhancement idea can be linked to this one requesting more reminder options, which is under consideration, but I still would like to keep the "send when activated" feature, which now that i understand how it's working, it is again a favorite one.  This allows us to send the reminder notifications at whichever interval we choose, every 10 days throughout two and a half months for instance.

  • S. Norcini commented
    12 Jun, 2016 02:58pm

    After using the reminder notification for the re-enrollment form in onBoard, I was such a fan of the reminder notification.  It properly reminded only those who had not yet submitted the re-enrollment contract the two times we used it - a week before and two days before the due date.

    When designing the school forms, I contacted tech support asking if it was possible to use the reminder notification more than two times to remind those who have not yet submitted the forms, since the turn around for the school forms is 2 and a half months instead of two weeks with the re-enrollment forms.  I was told I could use the "send when activated" reminder notification, which i thought was a great feature.

    Well, I just sent the second reminder notification 20 days after publishing the school forms, and when I checked the number of notifications sent, it looks like it was sent to all parents, not just to the 50% who have not yet submitted them.  I looked for additional info in this K-12 community, reassurance that the reminder notification is only sent to those who have not yet submitted the forms, but instead I found this idea which confirms my suspicion and fear that I just blasted all our parents telling them "Reminder: You have a xxxxx form to review and submit."  This is a disaster!

    This idea enhancement is an urgent one for all of us who use the school forms.  Otherwise, how can we remind parents to submit the forms if we cannot query/ create a list of the students whose forms have not yet been received, to create a distribution group for email?  Also, instructions, knowledgebase, and tech support should clarify the distinction between how these reminders work for "send when activated" and "7 days before due."  I am now not even sure if the send "7 days before due" will send reminder notifications to only those who have not submitted them yet or to all parents!