In Academics, People Finder should find Faculty and Staff too

When users are in Academics, they tend to be looking for "people in the building" and that includes both students and faculty. It's silly that the Academics People Finder doesn't have them.

  • Scott Daniel
  • Jul 13 2020
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  • Ben Taylor commented
    27 Oct, 2023 04:05pm

    I am not sure how this is coded, but I feel like maybe adults don't appear here because of how many personae they can be assigned. The spirit of the academics tab, though, should be "I'm here to look up information about classes as an administrator: schedule, grades, assignments". To filter for which adults appear here (because everyone would also be bad for this view IMO) perhaps the people finder grabs anyone who has been scheduled into a class?

  • Scott Daniel commented
    27 Sep, 2022 08:46pm

    I sent this in to support again, having forgotten about this request from 2 years ago. I would think this is low hanging fruit.