Allowing formatting of the details section in Transcript Builder

I am so excited about being able to add the yearly cumulative GPA in transcripts.

Some updates that I would like to see are:

1) I would like to be able to choose <School year> <GPA1><GPA2> instead of <School Year> - <Grade> <GPA><GPA>

2) When using a Quadrant layout I would like to be able to put a title over the school year - Grade GPA GPA so that people reading the transcript would have a key.

3) When using the <GPA><GPA> I would like to be able to put a Line feed or return between the two GPA's that way the two GPA's and their labels show up one on top of the other.

4) I would like more character space for the GPA label so it doesn't wrap so quickly or your have to shorten the label so much. I would like to put in Yearly Weighted GPA vs Yr Wtd GPA and Cumulative Weighted GPA vs Cum Wtd GPA.

While I am so happy to be able to put in the cumulative weighted GPA for each year I would just like a little more freedom in how it's displayed.

  • Angela Kunz
  • Mar 5 2021
  • Under consideration
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