Teacher, who reports a conduct infraction, should also receive an automatic approval/denial notification.

The conduct infractions is an integral part of our High School system, but an important addition needs to be made into the system.

A teacher, who reports the conduct infraction, should also receive an email notification once the approval or denied infraction is done by the Conduct Manager.

For example, we had a teacher supervising lunch and watched four students throwing their lunch food at another table with students. When this teacher submitted his conduct infractions, he only received one student notification that the infraction has been approved. This is due to that he teaches only one of the four students. The teacher thought the other three students did not receive the infraction until the Conduct Manger informed him of the approval.

It is important for the teacher, who reported the conduct infraction, to receive an email back to notify them that this infraction was taken seriously and was approved by the conduct manager.

  • Sean Aoyagi
  • May 8 2023
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