List with GPA objects/filters

There are no GPA lists and the only GPA report available is GPA term ranking. Our current need to is to identify students with a gpa of 2.0 and below, but it would be nice to have a manipulative list export that would allow us to do more.

  • Jeremy Potter
  • Oct 27 2016
  • Implemented
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  • Anna Broomell commented
    20 Jan, 2021 08:46pm

    We need to run a list/report showing us last year's weighted/unweighted gpas. We give awards out based on this. I contacted support twice and was told that we can't pull this type of list. Example: what was Joe Smith, grade last year 10, weighted/unweighted gpa for the 2019-2020 school year and the only way to get that is from a gpa report and I would need to run this report six times. One for 9th grade weighted, one for 9th grade unweighted, etc., download into excel and then cut and past from each list. Crazy!

  • shawn ott commented
    11 Jul, 2018 01:23pm


    I am not getting anything with the GPA filters? When I filter on 12th grade and Current 4.0 Gpa-Cumulative GPA or Current Numeric Average - Cumulative GPA I get the seniors but no GPA,  I can get them when I run the Report -GPA Term Ranking though.  Are they the same calculations or coming from different places?


    Shawn Ott

  • S Long commented
    11 Jul, 2018 02:50am

    Amazing! Another list I had not found. They are tucked away all over the place. Thank you!!!

  • Admin
    Julia Meseck commented
    11 Jul, 2018 12:29am

    Hi Sheila,  If you go to Academics, Grading, Students List you can choose the GPA columns.  On the right hand side you can filter--you should see a few GPA filters over there as well.  Hope this helps! 

  • S Long commented
    10 Jul, 2018 09:43pm

    Where is this list? The only thing I've found is a Grade Calculation explained in this KB article while it gives me a list it doesn't allow for export.