Don't allow duplicate email addresses for user accounts

We have a big problem with duplicate user accounts. I think disallowing the using the same email address will cut down on the duplicate accounts. It will alert the user that an account already exists with that email. 

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  • May 4 2018
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  • Cristina Conciatori commented
    11 Jan, 2022 06:28pm

    I know this says it already exists, but it doesn't help the fact that people are in the system who have duplicate email addresses from before we implemented BBID. It would be great to easily see who these users are.

  • Janet Wittenberg commented
    20 Jun, 2020 04:28pm

    If you choose to use email address as username for access to the system, you will get this unique enforcement. Choosing to use Blackbaud ID for authentication will force the username to be the email address. We do continue allow users to reuse the same contact email to satisfy some households and some parents who use their email for their young students.