School Forms: parents/guardians marked as "list as parent" and "give parental access" should receive the forms

People who are not parents (for example, grandparents) BUT whom have been given parental access and list as parent (meaning that the child lives with the grandparents and the grandparents function as the parents) are not being added to a child's form.

Instead, the parents are added. The form should be adding the "parents" for a child from the parental access and/or list as parent indicators, not strictly the role of parent.

Secondarily, individuals whom are parents but whom have not been given parental access or "list as parent" --for example, a father without legal or physical custody of a child whom we might have in our system and whom we might want in our system but whom should not be included on forms, etc.-- IS being added to the child's form.

I would like to request that forms add the "parents" for a child from the list of those (and only those) with parental access.

This is also relevant for host families for international students.

  • Lily Thompson
  • Aug 27 2015
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  • Geoffrey Goodfellow commented
    23 Aug, 2023 02:59am

    I would also like to support that being able to publish forms to parent role or parental access or responsible signer would provide much needed flexibility for schools to publish forms to just the intended recipients. At our school, we use the responsible signer relationship designation to indicate which guardians are truly the decision makers for the child while the parental access is used to grant view permissions to the LMS and other features without permitting that guardian to submit forms, sign enrollment contracts, submit medical info, etc.

  • Sarah Singleton commented
    25 Aug, 2021 07:53pm

    Just wanted to update this as we ran into this issue. I think the current options need to be flushed overall.

    I agree that there should be a "legal signing" option that also allows for school forms just like "responsible signor". It is WAYYYY too time consuming to have to remove these from parents who shouldn't have this right; BUT should be able to have access to the student records and classes. This would also help when step parents are listed and should have access to the record; but not the ability to sign.

    This option should also be available for additional roles like guardians and such.

  • Leilani McHugh commented
    28 Sep, 2016 12:21am

    I agree with Vincent - this is a very useful idea not just with forms, but with access in general.  For example, a grandparent or guardian might need to see grades but what about Medical Information?  There are HIPAA laws to take in to account.  Some subtle differences regarding that aspect such as health records should be differentiated in a child's relationship also.

  • Lily Thompson commented
    9 Oct, 2015 10:42pm

    I agree that "Legal Signing Authority" would be a great checkbox--this would also mean that biological parents who do not have legal custody could simply be excluded from forms due to the fact that the legal signing authority checkbox isn't checked. It would also be nice if the signature field could be "smart" in the sense that if it is a "require both parent signatures" setting, it would automatically require only those that had the legal signing authority.

  • Deleted User commented
    8 Sep, 2015 03:10pm

    Hi Vincent, those are great points and I like the idea of maybe having a "Legal Signing Authority" checkbox or something.

    I agree that we need to make some improvements to this especially since so many private schools have international students and the biological parents aren't the ones signing permission slips, etc for the students while they're at school.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Vincent Jurgens commented
    6 Sep, 2015 08:37pm

    Might need to be more subtle, flexible than this. "Parental Access" has meant: gets a myschoolapp account and sees student's info. We give this to some step-parents, whom would not, and cannot, sign forms regarding students. Users with Step-Parent role, but have list as parent and parental access checked, currently do not get added to forms, which is good.

    But I would like users with "Guardian" roles to get assigned to forms, aand they currently are not. (just added  K12CO-I-911.)

    So, do we need a new Relationship flag: Legal Signing Authority, or something like that?  BB can work through the scenarios, find the optimal position for such a feature.

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