Cross Post Emergency Bulletin to Announcement Category or Push Notification

If we post an emergency bulletin, for example, detailing a school closing due to weather, it would be IDEAL if we also had the option of pushing  a notification to 

1) email (by role)

2) text device (either affiliate with an announcement category, or just push to the enabled text device)

If it is a real emergency (fire/storm/intruder) time will likely not be on our side to cross post into pushpages and announcements.

The emergency bulletin should be a one-stop-shop.

  • Alexander Taft
  • Sep 22 2015
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  • Amanda Polson commented
    7 Mar, 2023 06:48pm

    Yes! And it makes no sense to have the ability to send text messages (announcements) but then require people to sign in to see the message, the emergency bulletins should have the full text sent out as the actual message however parents have subscribed.

  • Julie Rodriguez commented
    14 Feb, 2023 04:15pm

    I should not have to buy another product to connect with blackbaud to send text messages for school updates. Is this going to happen?

  • Guest commented
    15 Sep, 2022 02:17pm

    Please do this. It makes little sense to have to perform two different actions in an emergency. We need this to be more than a passive action. It needs to also notify via email and text. And, like ParentSquare, for emergencies we should be able to disregard personal notification preferences.

  • Guest commented
    14 Dec, 2021 06:27pm

    Please add this service! We need this.

  • Guest commented
    27 Nov, 2018 10:54pm

    This would be ideal -- just add an Email checkbox and Text check box within the Display as: The email would go to the email on file and Text would go to all wireless numbers provided on the contact card for those Personas/Roles selected. Blackbaud has the ability to email and text as this can be done via News Notifications. 

  • Zach commented
    31 Oct, 2017 08:50pm

    It would also be good to have emergency bulletins show up even after the first visit to the site that week. At the very least I want the bulletin to display daily if I leave it up for a week.

  • william pickett commented
    12 Sep, 2017 06:23pm


    Agreed. We just migrated from a Podium site in April.  Before then the notification would take care of both. We didn't need an emergency bulletin. So it should like we just want it put back the way it was working before we left podium.

  • Alexander Taft commented
    9 Sep, 2016 04:23pm

    Any update on this? It's been a year...

  • Guest commented
    17 Mar, 2016 07:07pm

    A text/email option would be great! something that would come under Profile > Settings > Notifications

  • Guest commented
    2 Dec, 2015 07:56pm

    This would be fabulous. We are really struggling with the phone/text communication to parents. Outside vendors that sync with Core are super expensive. Hope that BBK12 will implement the push to phone and text feature.

  • M.J. Galat commented
    6 Oct, 2015 01:43pm

    Is this something that Blackbaud is considering?  I would think it would be an easy fix considering all the other things that receive notifications.

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