Relationships in the Profile page should reflect what was entered in "Relationship to student" Field

When Inquiries or Applications are submitted, users choose what their “Relationship to applicant” is.

Even if someone identifies himself or herself as a Guardian, they are listed as having the role of “Parent” by default in the Profile page, and this has to be manually corrected.

Ideally, we would be able to choose which “relationship to applicant” entries match up with which the “relationship” that they are given.

For instance, if they select “mother” or “father” in the app or inquiry, we can make that manifest as “Parent” in the Relationship.

  • Ash Smelkinson
  • Oct 1 2015
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  • Tasia Weatherly commented
    2 Mar, 2020 04:17pm

    Please implement this update. We have a large international student population and we end up with a lot of agents and guardians who come through via inquiry and application forms. Since there are several relationship types that overlap with relationships in Core, it would be much easier to have that logic be built out in the forms, vs having to go back and delete/re-add the relationship.

  • Bisi Oloko commented
    7 Jan, 2020 06:30pm

    We have had large families with as many as 6/7 children. It can be time consuming having to make the connections manually.