Updates and Changes Need to Be More Clearly Announced Beforehand

I am getting complaints from my users about the updates that are rolling out to onCampus without any warning. Sometimes the changes are positive and sometimes they are not, but we need to be notified beforehand. These notifications also need to be written for the audience of the change so they can be forwarded to that group of people without IT needing to "translate" it. If they are thoughtful changes then it should be easy to convey them to the correct audience in an understandable way.

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  • Apr 28 2020
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  • Cera Marsh commented
    29 Apr, 2020 04:55pm

    Agreed. It turns into a "brace for impact" situation when updates are released because sometimes they change functionality significantly. It is also difficult to have major updates/changes roll out during the academic school year. Planning releases around the academic year (fall break, spring break, winter break, summer, etc.) would help minimize the impact on teachers and IT staff.