"Add to cumulative grade" should default to YES when creating an assignment

We have used the LMS for four years and "add to cumulative grade" has always been automatically checked for teachers when they create an assignment. With the lastest release, it is no longer checked. This is the case for "publish grade" too.

The majority of assignments added in our middle and upper school count towards the cumulative and should have their grades displayed.

Can the defaulty for "add to cumulative" and "publish grade" please go back to checked/yes? Or can schools be given the option to change this setting for themselves?

  • Tracy Dodge
  • Jun 29 2020
  • Implemented
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  • Guest commented
    27 Sep, 2022 08:22pm

    We too need the option to set the gradebook defaults so that Add to Cumulative and Publish Grade are checked by default.

  • Trey Hoos commented
    30 Jul, 2020 06:34pm

    @Angela Addison - I just checked it out and that is super convenient! I will spread the word to other teachers. Thanks!

  • Angela Addison commented
    30 Jul, 2020 04:51pm

    Hi @Trey Hoos we released that last week so your teachers should be all set - just tell them to go into their assignment center preferences where they can turn on the default add to gradebook and they'll see the 2 new options there. They'll only have to do that once.

  • Trey Hoos commented
    30 Jul, 2020 02:52pm

    @Angela Addison that sounds like a good plan! Thanks!

  • Angela Addison commented
    29 Jun, 2020 09:32pm

    sorry about this guys - I think we would add it to the preferences where they can set the add to gradebook default as they want so that it can be teacher controlled? So yes they would have to go in and set that one time but it would allow for the flexibility for anyone that would say no I don't want that. We will get this worked in soon