Allow grade plan calculations that average multiple report card grades into a final grade to proceed if blank grades are present.

In Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > School Year Setup, it is possible to configure default grade plan calculations for teachers so that multiple report card grade columns can be averaged together at the end of the academic year. For example, for any one quarterly course, a student may earn a final report grade for Q1, again in Q2, Q3, and Q4, and teachers run a calculation to average these four grades into a FG or final grade column on the report card at the end of the school year. This calculation involves setting up an average FG calculation whereby 25% of the grade is Q1, 25% of the grades is Q2, etc. However, this average calculation only works if the student had grades in all four quarters. If the student was gone for Q2, for example, that results in a blank grade for that term, the FG calculation above no longer works. Instead a separate average calculation needs to be created for FG to average 33.3% Q1, 33.3% Q3, and 33.3% Q4. Another might need to be setup for Q1, Q2, and Q4, etc. There are many combinations. I would like the system to create an average calculation that works like Microsoft Excel. If I setup a formula to average four columns, the average is correct even if one, two, or three of the columns do not contain data. I would like to create a SINGLE grade plan average calculation for multiple terms that can be used for all courses that works for all students regardless if the course grade is present in all four quarters or not.

  • Geoffrey Goodfellow
  • Jun 2 2023
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