ConnectRE: allow the ability to populate the "Date From" field on Addresses

I would like to have the ability to have the "Date From" field populated in addresses in RE, whenever an address is updated via ConnectRE.  (any address, home, business, etc.)

Currently, ConnectRE does not add a "Date From" to the address when it adds/updates/overwrites an address in RE. There are no date fields in Core addresses, so there is no way to map a date field from Core to RE. (There are multiple address fields - Date From, LOT, CART, DPC, Date To, Info Source, etc - that do not have an equivalent mapped field in Core)

However, not populating the "Date From" field in RE addresses results in a couple of problems:

1) there is an extra step of data management, you have to go back in the address after running ConnectRE to add/fix the "Date From" if you want that field to be populated and accurate.

2) If an address is already present on a record, and it is being OVERWRITTEN with a new address from Core, only certain fields are actually overwritten - while other fields like the "Date From" field are NOT (as mentioned above). What this means is, the data that was in those fields STICKS. If the date before running ConnectRE was 9/4/2015, the date is STILL 9/4/2015. Obviously that date is not accurate, it should either be overwritten with the current date, or overwritten to blank, but not left unchanged. 

  • Angela May
  • Dec 12 2019
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