Automatically make assignments missing or late if not submitted by due date

Some teachers would like it if would be possible to automatically make assignments missing or late if not submitted by due date as opposed to manually entering them late or missing

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  • Nov 8 2023
  • Under consideration
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  • Daniel commented
    23 Jan 03:57pm


    Thanks for following up on this. I hear you, but from the other comments here and our own experience, I think you're not fully considering the need for reporting and keeping on top of teachers. We don't use online submission (and don't plan to for the foreseeable future), but our admin has been struggling to keep on top of teachers without a clear way to quickly check assignment status.

  • Jeff Harrison commented
    23 Jan 03:20pm

    Just about everyone of our teachers would prefer this as an option for the
    default. The only time this isn't the case is when it is a long term


  • Admin
    Michael Morrissette commented
    23 Jan 03:14pm

    Hey Folks -

    I've marked this one as under consideration for the time being. My gut reaction to this is that teachers don't want this for -all- assignments that they create, but maybe specifically for those that have some kind of an online submission component. So this likely wouldn't be a preference setting or an admin level default, rather something that could be configured on an assignment-by-assignment basis.

    If you want to chat about this potential feature, or any way we can make those designations more automatic, feel free to reach out to me at to schedule a meeting!


  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    18 Jan 03:17pm

    Agree all around! Let the system use the parameters on the assignment to determine when a submission is missing or late, and allow the teacher to override that!

  • Daniel commented
    13 Dec, 2023 06:46pm

    This would make reporting and keeping on top of teachers much smoother for admin.

  • Brian Gray commented
    8 Dec, 2023 07:41pm

    Some of our teachers want that too. The teacher should be able to clear the Late flag after it is automatically set.