Show classes in menu, schedule based on Group Page access settings

The specific situation that we're in recurs every year. Our academic year changes on July 1, for reasons over which I have no control. However, our summer program, which includes some incoming students and some returning students, starts in the last week of June. We are able to give returning students (and faculty) access to their summer program classes early by adjusting the Group Page Access individually under Core > Security. In fact, we can give the Incoming Students access by adding that role to Group Page Access as well. However, the incoming students cannot see their schedule on the calendar or My Day, nor do they have a Classes menu in the main LMS interface for the first week of the summer program, because they are not yet fully enrolled as students until the academic year turns over. The incoming students can see their classes by visiting their profile and clicking through from Progress.

This is not a great way to welcome students to the school.

This also feels like a half-implemented feature to me. The incoming students do have access, it's just that it's not shown in the Classes menu or on their schedule, the two places where they would naturally look for it.

Let's get this fixed.

  • Seth Battis
  • Jun 14 2023
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