Suppress Academic Year Header on Transcripts if there is no data to print for the year

When no grades/data exists for a year the student has an enrollment in, the academic year header still prints on the transcript with nothing below it. If wanting to suppress the current year, the solution is to run the transcript for the prior year. However, there are scenarios where the school wants to keep the history of a student's course enrollment when the student ended up not attending long enough to receive grades for the year. This looks weird on the transcript and creates the necessity of adding a note to explain the blank year. I have double checked with Blackbaud and they state the following: "I was able to get confirmation from our internal team that the 'suppress section if blank' option will suppress course names, if those courses do not have grades recorded, but it will not suppress the year header. Unfortunately the only way to prevent a header from printing is to print for the prior year." This doesn't make complete sense to me because there is a separate setting in transcripts for "Suppress courses without grades, comments, or ratings". What does "Suppress section if blank" actually do if the year is printing with no data below it and there is a separate setting addresssing courses?

  • Pam Foster
  • Dec 14 2022
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