Standardized comments for report cards

The ability for administration to add "standardized comments" for the faculty to select would be valuable time saver not to mention reducing the ability for a "typo" while entering a comment.

Entering free form comments for 100 to 130 students eight time a year is a lot of room for error and extremely time consuming. 

  • Gregg
  • Feb 4 2016
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  • Daniel commented
    1 May, 2023 08:37pm

    Amazing this has not been addressed in 4+ years - the fact is, our teachers are already using standard templates in MS word/Google docs, making their edits for individual students there, and copy+pasting into the system. It would save so much time for both teachers and admin if the copy+paste step could be skipped and comments could be streamlined.

  • Brian Hoyt commented
    19 Apr, 2022 11:56pm

    What is the point of a comment if it is just some canned response and isn't unique? Why even enter it if it is the same for every student?

    As for copy and paste errors that is something else. They need to force plain text pasting. They could do it.

  • Jeanine Walters commented
    24 Feb, 2022 01:07pm

    Is there any way to see if TPTB are viewing and considering these ideas? This initial idea was presented in 2016. Just curious if there is any follow up.

  • john ronan commented
    2 Feb, 2022 08:14pm

    I keep hearing about this from our faculty.

    [shame on me for only voting on it now. thought I had!]

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun, 2021 05:43pm

    Students would like to have this functionality to help minimize the needs to review grades as a grading manager. If they could standardize the comments, this would be one less area to focus on when getting grading ready for reporting purposes.

  • Melinda Michaelson commented
    18 Jun, 2021 04:04pm

    I was just surprised and deeply disappointed to just learn in a training that standardized comments are not an option. It leaves a lot of room for error and creates a huge administrative task.

  • carri hammers commented
    17 Jan, 2019 06:34pm

    This is incredibly important for our school.  Every time we prepare report cards, we have to go into every comment one by one and clean up the html code.  We give our teachers a list of comments (stripped of code) and explain the importance of pasting as plain text. However, we still have problems.  Honestly, after every report card my administrators beg to look at other systems to manage our grades and I have to convince them that it is worth staying with Blackbaud.  I don't understand why it is so hard to implement when it was possible in FA Web.  I'm running out of answers for my administrators.  It would be really good to know that this is being working on for implementation.  

  • Rick Geyer commented
    14 Jan, 2019 01:36pm

    I thought this was something that was already being considered. This is a very needed feature.

  • Timothy Strunk commented
    27 Nov, 2018 08:22pm

    So, is there still no consideration for this?  This is our first year implementing the K12 suite and this was a huge problem.  We had teachers copy-pasting from a word doc in order to give our report cards some sort of uniform commenting, but errors still persisted.  Its honestly ridiculous that this isn't a part of the system almost three years after it was submitted.

  • Gregg commented
    1 Nov, 2016 05:34pm

    For reference see the setup in Faculty Access for the Web (FAWeb).  Allowing a series of comments to be setup by administrators and accessed by teachers using a reference number either directly in the grade book or in the current comment entry window would be quite helpful. 

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