Course Recommendations by Teacher - Add Note Field and Completion Checkbox

It would be helpful to have a note field on the course recommendation screen when teachers are making course recommendations for next year. They could then enter comments like "recommending that the student not continue with this language" or if a student should take electives if not recommended for Honors, AP or other Advanced courses.

It would also be nice to have a checkbox on the screen somewhere to indicate that a teacher has completed the recommendation process (especially if the recommendations are left blank for an entire section of a class. This would indicate that all the students in this section should choose semester-long electives). Managers would otherwise think that the teacher didn't do what they were supposed to do since no recommendations were entered, when in fact, they had reviewed all students.

  • Christine Nichols
  • Feb 10 2016
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  • Raimie U commented
    5 Feb 08:19pm

    Additionally, it would be immensely helpful if the note automatically showed up next to the recommendation or the notes icon at least changed color or something to indicate that there was a note present rather than having to click them all to check if anything was there.

  • Ben Taylor commented
    14 Feb, 2022 05:27pm

    Love this idea. I've also written this elsewhere it it would also be nice if you could recommend courses AFTER they've been requested. Sometimes the system is open and teachers haven't yet made a recommendation, the kid requests, and the option goes away. Teachers being able to record that vote of confidence would be great for record keeping and future reference.

  • Priscilla Lopez commented
    1 Feb, 2022 12:55am

    I agree with this as well. Official Notes doesn't make sense here. The notes should all be in one screen. Also add the options to allow the student, and/or parent to view the notes as well. Why are we still relying on Google Sheets. This is why. We don't have the full functionality needed to implement within the system because simple little details are missing.

  • Patti Macmanus commented
    10 Apr, 2020 02:14pm

    I agree with both of these suggestions. Both are needed for this process to be successful.

  • Peggy Lehman commented
    17 Jan, 2018 03:44pm

    I concur that the the recommending teachers are the ones who need access to create notes.  The advisors are reviewing what teachers have recommended with the students and such notes would be particularly helpful when trying to advise the student.