Provide a list of information that is not retained when merging duplicate users

I contacted support and there is no list of either the information that is retained or the information that is lost when merging duplicate user records. This makes it difficult to know what information needs to be manually moved to the original user account before merging. With the lack of functionality of the merge duplicates function (there are many other ideas addressing these issues) it seems like this would be a necessary document.

  • Amy Hentschke
  • Mar 20 2024
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  • Jeanne Townsend commented
    20 Mar 03:02pm

    Amen! It is so difficult to merge records when you don't have clarity on what data is retained from the merge. I often put the records side-by-side and go through all possible fields to make sure I'm not missing anything, which negates the benefit of the merge feature.

    It would also be incredibly helpful to be able to choose which record should be the 'master' record rather than being forced to keep the older record and delete the newer record.

    If you are reading this comment, and have opinions about the Core > Potential Duplicate Users (i.e. Merge) Function, check out--and vote for--these other good ideas.


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