On/Off Candidate Response for Official Notes

In the Enrollment Management site, candidates and parents have the ability to respond to Official Notes both through the onRecord platform and via email. This makes communication inefficient as many candidates/parents submit inquiries in both locations. Our admissions staff has difficulties keeping up with both inboxes. I propose an on/off switch for candidates to respond to Official Notes and create messages in the onRecord platform. It would be more efficient to manage one stream of communication, preferably through email.

  • Maggie Schneider
  • Feb 4 2021
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  • Ruth Loy commented
    8 Sep, 2023 05:49pm

    I would love an on/off button in EMS for Official Notes, especially given that finding responses from parents to sent Official Notes is very hit or miss, even with the "unread" button they implemented. I've wasted loads of time trying to find 2 responses in my Official Notes inbox. The unread button didn't filter it out, as it's hit or miss. I've had to scroll over 1.5 years worth of Official Notes and I still have not located the second one. If we had an on/off button, parents would not be able to respond to official notes. When they respond to one from 2 years ago, I have to scroll back to 2 years ago to find their response. That is a very flawed system.