Roster Should Honor User name Format

There should be an option to choose whether the teacher’s nickname is listed as first name on class roster.

This is a recurring request from our athletics people...they would like their coaches' *nicknames* to publish on the team pages rather than first names. It is confusing to parents, students and others to see names they don't recognize as their coaches.

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  • Aug 10 2015
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    Michael Morrissette commented
    26 Jun, 2023 04:26pm

    Hey Folks -

    Just wanted to give a quick update on this. We'll be making some adjustments in the future for User Name Format to be respected in more places throughout the system and will likely being doing this iteratively in the coming months. Keep an eye out on our What's New posts, as we'll be calling out these enhancements there.

    I did want to let folks know that Athletic Rosters do now respect User Name Format, so no longer do you need to enable that show preferred name option on an individual basis.

  • Sondra Berry commented
    20 Jun, 2023 06:58pm

    I have used the athletic widget for many years and always had the ability to indicate whether or not to use the nickname instead of the first name. However, with the recent update, it only displays first and last names. Many players and coaches do not want their first names displayed on public websites. They are known by their nicknames (or preferred names). We cannot change their first name to their nickname in Core because we need their legal first name to be listed. I don't understand why the new athletic module went backward in ability as I could always specify whose names to display nicknames. How can we get this ability back?

  • Janice Bonczek commented
    10 Nov, 2020 08:59pm

    We are a Catholic school and some of our teachers as Brothers. But if we add their name to the system as:

    Prefix: Brother
    First Name: Name

    They do not appear to students anywhere on their Blackbaud pages as: Brother Name

    So we have had to put "Brother" as part of their first name as a workaround for this

  • Janice Bonczek commented
    10 Nov, 2020 08:51pm

    The user name format should appear on any place the user's name is displayed in the system, not just on rosters

  • Theresa Young commented
    10 Nov, 2020 03:53pm

    This is a major issue for users as we all can have students with the same name, sometimes in the same class. We need to be able to format how our usernames show throughout the system to avoid creating errors in student records.

  • Beth Tsylor commented
    6 Oct, 2020 02:44pm

    this has been open for 5 years now - it has a good bit of requests and votes - please change this as the inconsistencies of what displays on our shool website is unacceptable . We have coaches that are also in administration and they are listed differently on the their team page. Please change.

  • Nancy Kierstead commented
    6 Mar, 2019 07:00pm

    This makes no sense to me.  Every other group (classes, advisory, community, activity) honors the UserName format we choose in Core>Users>User Profile Settings>User name formats.  Why not Athletics? This is inconsistent! Everyone sees nickname lastname in the directory for coaches, but not on rosters? Never mind the fact that the athletes themselves have their nicknames showing on the rosters, but not the coaches.  So on the same roster, we see first names for coaches, but nicknames for students.  Would LOVE to see this inconsistency fixed.  

  • Ana Meneses commented
    30 Aug, 2018 05:01pm

    Ok, so this has been opened for over 3 years any time frame on this? My coaches don't understand why in other areas: classes, advisories and activities; nicknames appear for teachers but not under athletics.

  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2017 05:50pm

    Would like to see this added to athletic rosters as well.  Currently the roster pulls the legal name.  Published rosters for programs and what we provide announcers need to have the preferred name and not the legal name.

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug, 2017 08:27pm

    We need and would like to request that we be able to show the students' real first names when the class roster is pulled up.  We are only seeing nick name and last name. We request that you allow us to format the name to include first name.  Seems that would be the default but it isn't.

  • Bonnie Spear commented
    25 Aug, 2015 05:48pm

    If there can't be an option to display a teachers nickname on the class roster and students "My Day" view, perhaps the default could use the web based Security default user name format.  We have ours set to Nickname!Firstname and it does show that way when searching the faculty directory, it just isn't consistent across the platforms in all area where names are displayed.

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