New Report Card Builder and Transcript Builder: unable to 'truly' set Access to Grade Plans by year if they have the same name

For the 'new' Report Card Builder and Transcript Builder:

When naming multiple Grade Plans the same name, as required in order to display a single Grade Plan Grade from multiple Grade Plan Groups into one column of the RC or Transcript:

This limits our 'Access' settings options for the RC or Transcript in a way that could be improved.

We would like to only display 'Sem 1' (Grade Plan name) for prior years, but not for the current year until all 'Sem 1' grades have been entered by teachers. However, even though there are multiple years-worth of settings for Transcript 'Access' by role, if we populate 'Sem 1' in ANY year (ex: 20-21) for a role, all years of 'Sem 1' are visible to that role. They just have to access the report from that year.


  1. For 20-21 'Access Settings' to 'Unofficial Transcript', gave 'Teacher' role access as of today (11/2/21) to 'Sem 1' Grade Plan. Intent is that 21-22 Sem 1 Grades would NOT yet be visible

  2. Impersonate teacher and navigate to a student profile. No 'Unofficial Transcript' seen in 'Performance' area of 'Progress' tab

  3. Select prior year of student 'Progress' tab

  4. See 'Unofficial Transcript'

  5. Click transcript, see 21-22 grades for 'Sem 1'

  • Joe St.Clair
  • Nov 2 2021
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  • Nancy Leone commented
    9 Jan 05:27pm

    This should no require a certain amount of votes to correct the issue. A transcript from a prior year should not list current year GPA or grades.

  • Pam Haney commented
    5 May, 2023 02:16pm

    This is probably the worst! We go through all of the time and trouble to set up each year only to be told we have to go back and delete all of that if we truly want to control what other users can see! It's not as if we don't have to enter the same dates over and over and over ad nauseam for every other feature!

  • Nancy Leone commented
    14 Feb, 2023 07:00pm

    This definitely needs to change. It is very confusing for anyone that tries to access a current year transcript. Grades from prior years should always show.

  • Dino Vandenheede commented
    23 Jan, 2023 05:41pm

    I questioned this too and was told the behavior was expected.

    I feel this needs to change. If you pull up a transcript from a prior school year, you should not see the current year’s grades. Report Cards don’t work that way.

  • Oona McKnight commented
    8 Jan, 2022 01:08am

    This worked in the Old Transcript Builder. Why did they change it for the New Transcript Builder??? It doesn't make any sense the way they have it set up, yet the response I got from Blackbaud is that "our developers have concluded that this is working as intended."